The wood construction product for sustainable building.

Building sustainable and energy-neutral

Building with SIP panels offers a sustainable alternative to building a leaner, faster and lighter shell

Perfectly tailored to your needs

Architect's designs are converted into production drawings for SIP. CNC machines turn them into a custom-made prefabricated construction kit.

Airtight building with SIP

Airtight and energy-neutral building with SIP panels provides pleasant living comfort, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

Complete SIP shell kit

Quacent manufactures a complete structural, insulating and load-bearing shell in one. (including all fixing materials)

Quacent's prefabricated SIP building system is a shell that consists of SIP panels.

SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels. The SIP building system is manufactured to be fully load-bearing and insulating and is supplied with fasteners and installation drawings. No finishing is required in a carpentry factory. This timber construction system is extremely suitable for meeting the new BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Building) decree requirements.

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The ideal basis for energy-neutral (BENG), sustainable and life-cycle-friendly construction.

Because insulation values and airtightness are becoming increasingly important, traditional construction with concrete or stone will not be feasible or will be very expensive if the increasingly stringent energy standards EPC and BENG are to be met. Façades with a value of Rc6 and roof Rc8 are the norm as well as an air tightness class 3. In short, Quacent's SIP building system is perfect for building sustainably with wood.

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SIP panels and prefabricated timber building systems

Basic information about SIP

A lightweight and structurally insulating building system. Quacent SIP panels can be used to construct the shell of a building.

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Quacent SIP shell villa

Reference projects

View reference projects built with the Quacent SIP building system. From tiny houses, single-family houses to a bungalow in the woods.

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SIP prefabricated shell


Download here more information about the building details of the Quacent SIP Building System, references and cases, or one of our brochures.

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Prefab SIP shell house

Frequently asked questions

Would you like to know more about Quacent, our prefabricated timber products or the SIP panel building system? Then take a look at our overview of frequently asked questions.

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Building future-proof with the Quacent SIP Building System

Due to its prefabricated character, it is possible to build a shell in a very short time. The SIP panels are delivered to the building site made-to-measure and numbered. Three people can build a shell in about five days. But then those people have to have extensive experience with this system. It turns out that building companies that have no experience with the system initially take about three weeks. But that also depends on the complexity of the house. In addition, the SIP prefabricated shell system does not have to dry out, and during assembly other work can be started on the inside and outside of the house immediately. This offers more security in a faster delivery.

Within 24 hours a price indication for a SIP shell construction kit.

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