The timber construction product for sustainable building.

Build sustainable and energy neutral

Building with SIP panels offers a sustainable alternative to build the shell leaner, faster and lighter

Perfectly tailored

Architect's designs are converted to production drawings for SIP. CNC machines fabricate a custom-made prefabricated building kit from these.

Airtight construction with SIP

Airtight and energy-neutral construction with SIP panels for pleasant living comfort, is energy-saving and reduces CO2 emissions.

Complete SIP airframe kit

Quacent manufactures a complete shell constructively, insulating and supporting in one (including all fasteners).

Quacent's precast SIP building system: sustainable building for the future.

SIP stands for Structural Insulated Panels. The SIP building system is completely manufactured as a structural load-bearing and insulating system and is supplied including fasteners and installation drawings. No finishing in a carpentry factory is required. This timber building system is ideally suited to meet the new BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Building) building code requirements.

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The ideal basis for energy neutral (BENG), sustainable and lifecycle-proof construction.

Because the importance of insulation values and airtightness is becoming increasingly important, traditional construction with concrete or stone will not be feasible or will become very costly if one wants to meet the stricter energy standards EPC and BENG. Facades with a value of Rc6 and roof Rc8 are the norm as well as an airtightness class 3.

How sustainable is building with wood?

Building with wood is sustainable; you can capture the CO2 storage for a long time. Living in a house built of wood has pleasant properties for the occupant. For example, with wood you can build vapor permeable so you don't get moisture problems. And overheating in the summer, as with a house built of bricks, you don't suffer from that with wood. Combined with smart passive design and the right installations, you can build your cool dream house perfectly with wood.

sustainable building with wood and installations
Build future-proof with the Quacent SIP Building System

Due to its prefabricated nature, it is possible to build a structural shell in a very short time frame. The SIP panels are delivered to the construction site cut to size and numbered. Three people can install a shell in about five days. But then those people must have extensive experience with this system. In fact, it turns out that construction companies with no experience with the system initially take about three weeks. But of course this also depends on the complexity of the house. In addition, the SIP prefabricated shell system does not require drying and other work on the inside and outside of the house can be started immediately during assembly. This offers more security in a faster delivery.

Within 24 hours a price estimate for a SIP Casco Construction Kit.

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